Diabetes Management is a struggle

Diabetes is with you 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week – with no cure. Keeping track of everything - such as what was eaten, how much time was spent exercising, the fluctuations of moods, and medications - can be overwhelming.

Everyone deserves to live and enjoy life without the hassle of diabetes. Of course awareness and help from friends, family and loved ones can aide you in managing and controlling diabetes but who wants to make it be the center of every conversation?

Smart Meter Corporation strives to give a Person with Diabetes (PWD) the support they need, eliminating the stress of managing their diabetes without additional cost and time. Through the iGlucose system, PWDs can easily manage and share their details with doctors, caregivers, and loved ones. It’s the companion that every PWD will want.

Smart Meter Corporation is here to help YOU

A Person with Diabetes

It takes a village to manage Diabetes! From Doctors to Loved Ones. Thanks to the iGlucose System, we are making sure that connecting with your village is easier than ever before. Via your meter, texts and emails can be sent to those who care for you, so they can help you when you need it most.

The Payers

Diabetes supplies are costly. Smart Meter Corporation provides a cost effective alternative to share usage, compliance data, and glucose ranges to insurance companies. With this information, these companies can provide strips to their customers only when they need them.

Those Focused on Diabetes Management

Downloading meters can be a hassle and often not timely! Via the iGlucose meter, glucose information, as well as carbs and insulin intake can be wirelessly transmitted to the iGlucose Connect web portal or your own web portal. You can access this information easily and focus on helping your patients or users manage their diabetes.