Our Technology

iGlucose® Meter

  • Uses a Global System for Mobile (GSM)

    • Blood glucose numbers are automatically sent to the web and via text to caregivers
    • No cable, cell phone or wifi are needed to download the meter
    • No cellular contracts are needed
  • Easy and affordable to use.

    • iGlucose strip uses .5 µl of blood & provides an accurate reading* in 5 seconds
    • Strips are less than or equal to the cost of the leading meters’ strips
    • Features also include rechargeable battery, color screen, and backlight

*Meter meets ISO 2013 Standards

iGlucose® Connect Web Portal

  • Available 24/7 with up-to- date logbooks and trend reports
  • Easily configured to send texts or emails to user and caregivers
  • Sends daily messages and reminders
  • Can be accessed by loved ones and doctors

Unique Mobile Chip

  • Uses cellphone networks worldwide
  • Enables secure transmission of blood glucose values and other data
  • Integrates with other meters