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The iGlucose®
Diabetes Care Solution


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The iGlucose® System

A Complete Diabetes Care Solution

iGlucose® provides people living with diabetes a convenient and affordable diabetes care management solution, and healthcare professionals with a real-time view of blood glucose data and trends.

  • Cell-enabled
  • Real-time Data
  • Affordable

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Smart Meter

Reinventing Diabetes Management

Smart Meter enables the proactive management of diabetes through an innovative and diverse portfolio of data, technology, and solutions. Smart Meter provides an easy way to access real-time and reliable blood glucose data so that healthcare professionals can make better clinical decisions, while saving time and money.

For People
with Diabetes

Sharing of bG results can happen every time you test - no downloading or syncing required.

For Healthcare Providers & Pharmacies

Get real-time, reliable blood glucose data for your patients and leverage population health management dashboards. The iGlucose System increases your efficiencies and your ability to proactively manage your patients’ therapy plans.

For Companies Dedicated to Improving Diabetes Care

Partner with Smart Meter to enhance your product or service offering without relying on individuals downloading data. The iGlucose System provides seamless real-time, and accurate bG data.


"iGlucose simplifies diabetes management and enables more personalized, cost effective care."
– Doctor
"I shared my bG results with people in my Circle of Care. I’ve had valuable conversations that I’ve never had in eleven years of having diabetes."
– Person with Diabetes
"iGlucose reminders are critical. My life is nonstop. Subtle reminders to test have created a consistent pattern of testing. My iGlucose System has really changed my life with diabetes."
– Person with Diabetes
"The positive reinforcement I get from my iGlucose Virtual Coach works. My lower numbers reflect that."
– Person with Diabetes
"Good job iGlucose! We integrated the iGlucose meter data into our system in one day. Kudos on an easy API."
– Third Party Strategic Partner

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