iGlucose by Smart Meter

Connected diabetes care – now on the fastest,
most widely-covered cellular network

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Remote Patient Monitoring with iGlucose®

Actionable data to drive improved patient outcomes and increased revenue

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The iGlucose
Diabetes Care Solution

Immediate. Reliable. Actionable.

  • Transmits BG results instantly to management portals faster and more reliably than ever before
  • Delivers readings immediately with a meter that doesn’t require apps, syncing or pairing
  • Shares data with designated care team – including clinicians and family members
  • Provides customizable digital support via emails, reminders and management portal
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The iGlucose® System

A Complete Diabetes Care Solution

iGlucose® provides people living with diabetes a convenient and affordable diabetes care management solution, and healthcare professionals with a real-time view of blood glucose data and trends.

  • Immediate: No pairing or uploading
  • Reliable: Cellular-enabled cloud transmission
  • Actionable: Real-time data dashboard

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Smart Meter

Reinventing Diabetes Management

Smart Meter enables the proactive management of diabetes through an innovative and diverse portfolio of data, technology, and solutions. Smart Meter provides an easy way to access to real-time and reliable blood glucose data, enabling healthcare professionals to make better clinical decisions, while saving time and money.

For People
with Diabetes

Sharing of BG results can happen every time you test - no pairing, downloading syncing or logging required

For Healthcare Providers & Pharmacies

Get real-time, reliable blood glucose data for your patients and leverage intuitive population health management dashboards. The iGlucose System increases your efficiencies and your ability to proactively manage your patients’ therapy plans which could lead to improved outcomes.

For Companies Dedicated to Improving Diabetes Care

Partner with Smart Meter to enhance your remote patient monitoring product or service offering. With the iGlucose solution, users no longer rely on individuals uploading data The iGlucose System provides easy API integration and seamless real-time and reliable BG data.


"iGlucose’s ability to send BG data to our platform without syncing, pairing, home hubs or cables, is the perfect solution."
– Joshua Claman, Chief Executive Officer Rimidi
"Data flowing into the population management portal has quickly become an essential tool in managing diabetes for our patients. …iGlucose system drives better outcomes for our patients."
– Joel Okner, MD, Cardiologist
"The iGlucose system with real-time data adds tremendous value to our diabetes education program ... The ability to have real-time data in making therapy decisions has been a huge plus."
– Vivian N. Ayuk, PharmD, CDE, Chief Executive Officer, Flexcare Health Solutions

News + Events

Press Release | September 9, 2020

Smart Meter Announces Availability of the iGlucose® Cellular Connected Blood Glucose Monitoring System for Use in Long-Term Care Facilities During COVID-19

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Press Release | May 5, 2020

Smart Meter Launches New iGlucose® LTE Cat-M Powered Diabetes Management System

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