Simple. Convenient. Affordable.

iGlucose® is designed to be simple and fit conveniently into a person’s life without additional costs. Its cell-enabled technology eliminates the need for creating manual logbooks or downloading bG results. The ease of sharing real-time data keeps those with diabetes and their Circle of Care informed and engaged.

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The iGlucose® Diabetes Care Solution Includes:


The iGlucose Blood Glucose Meter

  • Cell-enabled, real-time bG results
  • Out-of-the-box ready
  • Industry standard features
  • Test strips available at co-pay pricing
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The iGlucose Virtual Coach

  • Text and email communication
  • Test reminders and alerts
  • Notifications with bG results
  • Messages to engage Circle of Care

The iGlucose Personal Web Portal

  • Accurate and reliable bG data
  • Automatically generated logbook and reports
  • User defined Circle of Care involvement
  • HIPAA compliant

The iGlucose Population Management Portal

  • Real-time, complete, and accurate bG results
  • Focused population and patient data for review
  • Communication with patients needing guidance
  • HIPAA compliant
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Easy, Focused Diabetes Management

  • Offers one step, seamless recording when bG is checked
  • Highlights exceptions to make a difference in bG management
  • Promotes engagement and communication within Circle of Care
  • Allows healthcare professionals to focus where needed most
  • Is priced so all people with diabetes can take advantage